Visual Lease 15.2.1 - Minor Release


Payment Module Enhancements

  • Users can now view Payments by either Type or Payee with a simple selection
  • A new summary popup shows exactly which payments were applied to which lease obligations allowing you to get a full understanding of the transaction more clearly
  • We have added more options for viewing the Running Balance


New Allocation Fields for Integration with Space Planning

  • We have added Allocation fields to track: Seats, Floorplan URL and Comments


Enhanced Contact Management Tools

  • Lease Parties and Associated Contacts have been consolidated for easier contact management
  • A new easy to use screen for adding and editing a contacts has been added
  • Enhanced contact searches allow you to find lease specific contact overrides
  • We now have a tool that simplifies merging duplicate contacts to help keep your data clean


Reporting Updates

  • Ad hoc reports can now include the new Space Allocation fields, including Total Seats 
  • The Abstract Report now allows financials to be output in the lease currency instead of forcing a conversion to a specified target currency
  • Ad hoc reports now allow reports to include greater than 4,000 columns
  • We updated the Standard Lease Payments report to allow reporting on the Current Month


Project Enhancements

  • The updated Project Milestones & Tasks page now allows filtering by task status
  • Deleting a Project Task now reorders Task Numbers automatically
  • Project Task Actual Dates are now editable when there are no predecessor tasks
  • Fixed an issue with downstream Project Task Statuses when dates are changed or tasks deleted 
  • We enhanced clarity for Project Task Status and Project Task Dates using popups 
  • Project Tasks no longer require a Reason when a Status Change is made by an Administrator for tasks that have no Responsible Parties assigned


Other Improvements

  • We have added a Load Filter button to Multiple Lease Update
  • Exercising an Option no longer overwrites the Original Commencement Date
  • Added an option to stop Alert Notification for Lease Options that have been exercised or declined
  • Added an option to limit Lease Options display on most screens to only upcoming Lease Options
  • Enhanced Lease Clause creation to support longer clause names
  • Enhanced Financial Entries to allow up to 6 decimal places when entering cost per rentable area