32 commercial real estate sites you should be familiar with

In a recent post on the Agent Genius Blog, commercial real estate broker Duke Long posted his compilation of the 32 best commercial real estate websites. Visual Lease is flattered to be the only lease administration software on the list and to be characterized as “simply stunning”.  When designing our website we applied the same principals we use with our leasing software – easy to use, clean and intuitive.  Check out the rest of his list below:

ROFO- putting business and available space together. This site was honored with a Webby Award. This IS the future of commercial real estate online.

Arcestra- is a revolutionary 3D visualization and marketing online service that helps lease commercial real estate quickly. Did I say THIS is the future of commercial real estate?

Creopoint.com- they say 1) rapid access to businesses and experts 2) improved digital branding 3) wants/haves and corresponding invitations to network 4) member viewpoints and forums 5) CRE news aggregated from around the globe 6) industry-focused search to avoid clutter.  I say #1 worldwide commercial real estate network?

Mos Atlanta- the best personal commercial real estate agent blog out today. Period.

Argussoftware- the best software in commercial real estate for property management, asset valuation, portfolio management, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and lease management.

Loopnet- iPhone search app. One of the first.

Zstrata- commercial real estate CRM.

Space for lease- well… space for lease.

OSCRE- commercial real estate data standards. But, is it working?

Intelligent buildings- look in the library section. Great white paper intelligence.

Realcretv- commercial real estate TV. Yes ,yes, yes but, will anyone watch?

Green building law blog- just cool content.

Transaction data and analytics- if you are big time, this is a must have.

Real estate investing news watch- real estate investment blog and news aggregator. Great info.

Realcomm- commercial real estate corp., commercial real estate tech and automation.  A must attend event.

Core Net Global- big time corp. global association.

Green exam prep- LEED training classes. Green is gold. I can’t believe I still use that line.

CPExecutive- commercial real estate executive news. Here are the hitters and this is what they read.

Crew Crew Crew- commercial real estate women… love the ladies.

Real Estate Forum Magazine- hardcore corporate, but a must read.

Realcorner- I still think I’m banned or blocked or something.

Visual Lease- leasing software. Just stunning.

Google Sketch Up-  3D buildings. Still fun and cool to play with, but also practical.

Chain Links- retail leasing group.

Property Week- from the UK. Commercial real estate, best site over all.

Multi-family Insiders- the name says it all.

Investor Loft- investor database.

REIS- commercial real estate property stats and data.

Biggerpockets.com- 50,000 members and growing.

CCIM- the best Commercial Real Estate education, period.

Urban Land Institute- best overall commercial real estate organization.

Retail Traffic- design, development, retail, finance. Kick ass blog too.

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