Visual Lease's robust financial management capabilities help ensure you pay only what you owe, collect what others owe you, and never miss a penny. 


Accounts Payable  

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger entries are all easily viewed in the financial calendar.

  • Track recurring and non-recurring rents and related costs in all global currencies
  • Process monthly rental invoices by region, portfolio, or individual location
  • Allocate expenses among multiple budget centers with multiple general ledgers
  • Specify different vendors for different charge items at a location such as base rental, CAM, taxes, etc.
  • Allocate costs among all your specific business units
  • View detailed payment history
  • Easily calculate straight line rents
  • Generate financial reports to comply with FASB and other requirements
  • Automatically submit your payables and receivables to your ERP system with our out-of-the-box accounting system integration

Accounts Receivable  

The Payments screen allows you to manage both linked and unlinked payments s well as track your running balance for each account.

  • Manage income from sublease or direct lease tenants
  • Track and bill recoverable operating expenses
  • Perform manual billing adjustments for NSF checks, billings and credits
  • Post all cash receipts "on account" against tenant balances or against specific invoices
  • Maintain and report an accurate transactional history for all billings
  • Full reporting for Aged Delinquencies, Tenant history, Cash Receipts, Invoices and Statements

Create an unlimited number of formulas to automate the calculation of percentage rent each month.

  • Calculate Overage Rent
  • Calculate Percent in Lieu
  • Sales Exclusions by Amount and Percent
  • Recapture Lease Charges
  • Multiple Breakpoints and Rates

The CAM / Operating Expense Desktop Audit module help ensure you never over pay a landlord.

  • Perform proactive Desktop Audits on all expenses to ensure compliance with lease terms
  • Track all reconciliation activity by facility/lease and by year, over entire lifecycle of each location
  • Determine percentages instantly for comparison of year-over-year charges
  • Enter detailed landlord expense invoices for each property
  • Track expenses for all of your expense categories (CAM, tax, insurance, etc.)
  • Enter annual landlord statements for each property

Regulatory Compliance

  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • FASB
  • Field Level History Tracking
  • Electronic Record of Approvals
  • Centralized control over currency rate conversions