Understand lease performance at-a-glance

Configure your dashboard to give you what you need to see and only what you need to see when you log in.

  • View a summary of your portfolio in graph form by upcoming expirations, size and cost
  • See your costs on a square foot or square meter basis
  • See a list of all of your recently opened items including leases, reports and projects
  • View graphs by Organization, Region, Property Type and more
  • Link graphs to reports you created using Portfolio, VL’s ad-hoc reporting feature
  • See a list of all renewal options, early terminations, expirations, rent bumps and critical dates
  • Visualize all lease locations on a map with color-coded icons that link to actual lease records
  • Provide all stakeholders visibility into critical information that drives the business
  • Enable quick, confident decisions that support strategic goals
  • Establish location strategies based on performance and real estate alternatives
  • Establish goals and track actual performance by locations, business units, regions or markets