Visual Lease: A Commercial Lease Application

Visual Lease is a commercial lease application developed by lease professionals from KBA Lease Services, a premier lease audit firm.  Visual Lease allows anyone to manage many leases, keep track of all dates, receive alert notifications and more.  This commercial lease application is used by many industries to manage commercial lease contracts and is flexible enough to be tailored from simple to the most complex of business requirements.

Visual Lease commercial lease application comprises of three modules working together, Visual Lease, Visual Lease Administrator and Visual Lease APFeed (Accounts Payable Feed)


Visual Lease

This is the main application users will use on daily bases to manage and report on all lease information.

  • Store all lease information
  • Create simple and complex financials scenarios
  • Create ad-hoc reports as needed on any field in the system
  • Use standard reports to quickly visualize lease information
  • See all your leases on a map
  • and more

Our commercial lease application presents all information in a clean user interface allowing users to easily interact with data.

Visual Lease Administrator

Part of Visual Lease commercial lease application is the Visual Lease Administrator.  This application allows you to customize the Visual Lease main application and set all business rules and requirements at implementation time.

Visual Lease APFeed (Accounts Payable Feed)

Accounting Feed application allows full output of financials for use with your accounting system.  Every month financials are updated and entered into the system by lease administrators.  At the end of each month an output is created using Visual Lease APFeed to be sent to accounting.  Once accounting approves everything is correct, this APFeed run can be approved in the application.

Visual Lease is a full cloud based commercial lease application capable of managing 1000’s of leases efficiently.  Your staff will love it because of it’s ease of use.  You will love it because it centralizes all aspects of your commercial real estate lease portfolio, gives you on the fly reporting capability and is the best of breed in the market.